My Matching Ads give you the opportunity to get monthly passive income while building your list and your business.

We offer HIGH QUALITY TRAFFIC with our Traffic Exchange and PTC program that you can use to grow your business.

​Promote and get new direct referral to earn up to 100% commission from your direct referral earn from surf ads.

​Use PURCHASE BALANCE to UPGRADE YOUR ACCOUNT and get the most benefits from MMA membership or for Purchase Ads to promote your website or business.

EXTRA additional 10% PTC ads purchase commission.
EXTRA additional 10% BANNER purchase commission.

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Our Services

Our development team still working to add more feature to make mymatchingads is the best solution for your advertisement,
coming up soon some uniques and amazing feature to boost your advertisement and earnings.

PTC mastered

Paid-To-Click made perfect: Geo-Targeting, Custom packages for days/clicks, Inside & outside advertising, Advanced settings & stats.

Anti-Cheat System

Runs live all the time. Analiyzes IPs, browser & PC info, referral connections, Anti-Proxy API, etc. 99% automatic.

Multi-language support

ALL languages supported. English, Polish, German, Spanish, & Russian. Easily translate images & texts.

Commission upto 10 levels

10 Levels commission deep will boost the earnings and helps to build the team faster than normal.

BitCoins (BTC)

Full BTC Supported, automatic instant add fund and Instant payout.

Login Ads

Login Ads are great exposure. You will get the most from advertising because your ads will be seen by every member who want to logs in to their back office.


Get rewards from visit a website, install an app, play a game, watch a video and others that require you to sign up or subscribe to a service.

CPA/GPT offer

Get paid from every website you join through our advertiser or Create an offer to build your list or to get signups to your business or program.

Instant BTC Payout

Transactions process automatically in our system and you will get your money in your own wallet after the blockchain confirmations.

Traffic Exchange

Get up to 100% from what your direct referral earn with our TE system.


1. What is Mymatchingads ?

Mymatchingads is an online advertising platform that offer you various advertising tools.

2. Is my personal information protected with your company ?

Your personal information will be absolutely protected and never be shared or sold to anyone.

3. What is the requirement to join mymatchingads ?

You must be at least 18 years old and agree with mymatchingads term of service before joining.

4. Can I join mymatchingads for free ?

Yes, mymatchingads is absolutely free to join.

5. Can I join without sponsor ?

Yes, you may join mymatchingads without sponsor.

6. Can I have multiple account at mymatchingads ?

NO! only one account is allowed for one person, any member / user that detected have a multiple account will be suspended by the system without notice, we give a big respect to all sponsors.

7. Can I register my family with same IP Address ?

NO! You can not register for 2 account at mymatchingads using same IP Address.

8. What payment processor available at mymatchingads ?

Currently we only accept Bitcoin and Perfect Money as a payment.

9. How long does it takes to process purchase ?

All purchase at mymatchingads are automatically / instant processed right after the system received your payment.
If your payment are successful but you did not receive the package within 30 minutes please send us a support ticket.

10. How long does it takes for withdrawal / payout ?

Instant Payout, Transactions process automatically in our system and you will get your money in your own wallet after the blockchain confirmations.

11. Can I advertise everything at mymatchingads ?

No! Its our intention to provide safe advertising, we will suspend the account and remove all ads that promote Drug Material,
Sexual / Pornography Content, Violance Contet and Human Traffic Content.

12. What is mymatchingads refund policy ?

Since the advertising product that you purchased delivered instantly to your account and the referral commission is instantly done,
this process can not be reversed, any refunds attempted will result in permanent loss the account.

13. My question is not answered here what should I do ?

Please use support page, you will get your reply within 24 hours.

We Accept