How it works?


You need to register with your sponsor link, then check your email to verify your email,
Sometimes the email go to spam so dont forget to check it, after verify the email you can login to


After login in back office, click “DEPOSIT” button on top right of your back office in the summary page
to add fund to your account and type how much you want to add the fund then click “deposit”

minimum deposit is $2 using Bitcoin and will be automatically converted into $.

Purchasing the Advertising Package

you can see your balance on the top left of your back office,
now you can click “Revenue Sharing” at the left navigation button, then click “Revenue Package”

Important : Before you buy the Advertising Packaged its advisable if you put your Campaign first

Click Campaign : Click “add new” then type the Tittle you want for this campaign and description to make it easier for you to track it.
fill the URL with link that you want to promote

example : then click “Check URL” it will open new tab, wait few second until your ads validated then click "Close to complete validation”
then Click “+Add file” or "Add banner by URL) at banner 468 and 125 to put your banner to the campaign, Then Click “Create / Save”
(Important if you not put the banner then you will not receive banner impressions from Advertising Package that you purchase)
You will get this messege at the top.

Your advertisement has been successfully created. It will be available once it's approved by the administrator.

Click “Summary” on left navigation to refresh your page
Click “Revenue Sharing —> Revenue Package”
Number of Revenue Package : (how many adpack you want to buy)
Campaign : Choose the Tittle that you create before
Type : Choose the Advertising Package type you want to buy
Then Click “Pay Via …” any option that you have the balance
(you can choose Pay Via Processor to straighly purchase from your BTC wallet)
After purchase you will start to get the earning in the next hour.
To Qualified for the Earning the next day you need to surf 10 ads/day.
Click in the left menu “Revenue Sharing —> Surf” and then click “Start Surfing”
wait 10 seconds until show chapta image at the top of the page to validate your surf”
Fill the right CHAPTA and Then click “Next” and will open new ads. repeat this actions until you watch total 10 ads
The earning from revenue sharing will distribute hourly (Servers Time)
You may check the earning logs at “Money —> Logs”

Advertise PTC

Click “Advertise —> PTC”.

New Campaign

Preview : amount that people earn when click your ads
Tittle : Tittle for your ads
URL : Link that you want to promote (click Check URL after put the link)
Pack : choose the plan you want
Image : Add image for your ads then click “Submit”
You may thick more options for your ads
then click”Pay Via …” (any option that you have the balance)

Paid To Click

Click “Earn —> PTC” then watch the ads, you will receive the earning after you finished watch the PTC ads.
And its a great opportunity for you to get more direct referrals for boost your earning because
- You get 10% commsion from PTC pack that your direct referral purchase
- you will get the same amount from every click that your direct referral make .

Example : You have 1 Direct referrals click 10 PTC / day, he got $0.004 x 10 = $0.04 / Direct Referral
Direct : all your direct referral will shown here
Indirect : all of your level 2 - 10 referrals will shown here
Link & Tools : There are multiple advertisement tools to promote your business, this will help you to maximize your earning.


Deposit : This is where you can make a deposit / add fund into the system.
Transfer : This feature for you to transfer your balance to purchase balance or to another member

Withdraw : This feature for make a payout request
put your bitcoin wallet at “account” —-> click “add” then put your BTC wallet there —> Click “Save”
insert the security code that you receive at your email then click “Confirm”

Receipt : This is where all your purchase receipt will shown
Log : All detail of your transaction that you and the earning you can see here.
Testimonial : If you satisfy with services we would appreciate it very much when you write a testimonial about our service here

Statistic : This feature for you to see your and your referrals statistic of progress

Advance Security

Click “Your Avatar” on the top right at the page —-> Setting
You can set secondary password and 2FA Verification
remember to fill the “Current PIN” with PIN that you create at the registration form


PIN is very important for security when you make a payout request and want to change the setting of your account, you may write it on note so you will not forget your PIN.

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